Leader in offgrade & reprocessed plastics


Plastic is part of our everyday life but if not managed well it can remain in our environment for centuries. By recycling plastic we allow our customers to create products with sustainability benefits.

All petrochemical companies have well defined specifications for prime materials; density, melt flow, index, colour and additives. When a certain batch does not meet the set requirements or does not deserve to be labelled prime, the material is then referred to as near-to-prime or off-grade.

RM Group has become a successful international player in reprocessed and off-grade plastics used for compounding and for various processing and product specifications.


RM Group is a renown player in the paper and cardboard recycling industry and focusses on a closed loop recycling process. The paper we collect is processed into paper fibre to create new products. This allows waste paper to be used efficiently as a secondary raw material.

Every ton of recycled paper or cardboard can save up to 17 trees, two cubic yards of landfill capacity and 4100 kW/hours of electricity.

70% less energy is used when making paper from recycled stock than when using virgin pulp